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The Verisimilitude of the Mad Ones

I’m not sure I would call Mrs. Murray’s Menagerie a play, as such, if only because a play suggests an exterior blueprint which is then built or enacted by a group of performers and designers. The Mad Ones appear to build out – they start with what is generally interior, a collection of tiny behavioral tells that shape human intention, and construct around it.

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will franken at ars nova

Okay – so I KNOW I posted about Will Franken when he did FRINGENYC back in 2005 and gave him a rave review. For some reason I can’t find the post in my archives. Maybe I posted to one of my other blogs that I

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Wanna Join a Play Group?

Ars Nova’s Play Group, a vibrant and eclectic group of emerging writers who gather twice a month at Ars Nova to share new work and get peer feedback, is now accepting applications for Play Group 2009. The group offers members the chance to develop their

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From Tommy Smith and Reggie Watts

Hi everyone. Reggie Watts and I are constructing our next show TRANSITION for the 2008 Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s Time-Based Arts Festival, and we need 24 actors to star in a filmed staged rehearsal for a fake avant-garde production of Neil Simon’s “The Odd