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Refusing to Bow Down: Dorothée Munyaneza speaks about “Unwanted”

Maura interviews Dorothée Munyaneza. Her “Unwanted” has its New York premiere at Baryshnikov Arts Center TONIGHT (September 21-22). Her “Samedi Détente” at Under the Radar Festival in early 2016 ripped open the wounds of the genocide in Rwanda. With “Unwanted,” she explores the physical and mental repercussions of rape used as an instrument of war.

Khmeropedies I & II @ BAC

In 2004, I facilitated a residency in Phnom Penh for Dance Theater Workshop’s Mekong Project.  Several artists from the Mekong Delta region (Yunnan Province in China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand) gathered with a group of Asian Americans and Cambodians for 3 weeks.  Based primarily