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The Ways In Which We Break: A Conversation with Taja Cheek and Ali Rosa-Salas

The impacts of grief, however miniscule or massive, are the focus of “Submerge 2017: Break Time”, a festival curated primarily by Ali Rosa-Salas. Interested in the ways in which “we” are “permitted” to grieve in public space and, as the curatorial statement offers, a concern on the “expectation to bounce back,” Rosa-Salas has assembled an enriching near week of events, ranging from breath work to brunch to bike rides, in recognition of the ways the personal is political; the ways we are alone with others; and the ways in which everything, art or otherwise, is necessarily interdependent.

10 Minutes with Levi Gonzalez

This weekend, Levi Gonzales premiers his first completed work in 4 years at Brooklyn Arts Exchange.  The result of a year-long BAX Artist Residency, “Intimacy” is a solo performance that uses text, meditation and movement and was developed in collaboration with dramaturg Susan Mar Landau.

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It’s Hell In Here

IT’S HELL IN HERE by BAX theater artist in residence  Abigail Browde Friday & Saturday May 1-2 at 8pm | Sunday, May 3 at 6pm  at BAX 421 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215  |  Tel. (718) 832 0018 $15 general admission | $8 student/sr. FOR RESERVATIONS:  www.bax.org or (718) 832-0018 IT’S HELL

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The Accursed Items

Just got this note from Andrew Dinwiddie about some preview and benefit events for his show The Accursed Items that will premiere at the Ontological in September. From Andrew: June 13th and 14th is going to be an amazing weekend with four fantastic ways to