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The Ways In Which We Break: A Conversation with Taja Cheek and Ali Rosa-Salas

The impacts of grief, however miniscule or massive, are the focus of “Submerge 2017: Break Time”, a festival curated primarily by Ali Rosa-Salas. Interested in the ways in which “we” are “permitted” to grieve in public space and, as the curatorial statement offers, a concern on the “expectation to bounce back,” Rosa-Salas has assembled an enriching near week of events, ranging from breath work to brunch to bike rides, in recognition of the ways the personal is political; the ways we are alone with others; and the ways in which everything, art or otherwise, is necessarily interdependent.

Confessions of a King Lear Fangirl

Confession: I am a King Lear fangirl (#teamlear anyone?). I’ve watched Akira Kurosawa’s version Ran (oh I don’t know) fifteen times? I even made sure to catch Uli Edel’s King of Texas (it’s real) starring Patrick Stewart as “John Lear.” I wrote a screenplay adaptation

Space, Unfounded

Brooklyn Studios for Dance launches on Monday, April 27th. More information, including a full schedule of events, can be found at bksd.org.

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Down In The Delta, in BKLYN

By the way, if you haven’t heard about this yet, you should definitely check out 651 Arts upcoming festival The Mississippi Delta Heritage Project which has tons of great events and performances going on in BKLYN from May 28 to June 7. (They actually had