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Amplify the Radical: Poetry Project’s 50th Anniversary & New Year’s Day Marathon

The Poetry Project’s “dedication to the amplification of radical imagination, oppositional thinking, and community building among writers, artists, and their audience​s” makes its New Year’s Day Marathon Reading a perfect way to let go of all the lost voices and hopes of 2016 and to rebuild our fortitude, inoculate ourselves against the vitriol and demagoguery, and find the voices of a newly (re)forming counterculture.

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Douglas Dunn’s “Cassations” at Danspace Project

Douglas Dunn’s Cassations, which ran last weekend at Danspace Project, opens with seven multi-colored flower sculptures scattered throughout St. Mark’s sanctuary, which are carried offstage by dancers in yellow ponchos while opening announcements are made. Onto the empty stage arrive Dunn’s twelve dancers, divided by