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Five Questions for Julian Barnett

Choreographer Julian Barnett’s Super Natural is at DNA thru Sunday afternoon.  Jeremy mentions the show in this week’s roundup. You’ve mentioned that a lot of artists seem stuck or tied to reliving Rainier’s No Manifesto; that many of today’s American artists are struggling with a

Five Questions for Keely Garfield

Keely Garfield is in the midst of her latest “eruption” (as Claudia LaRocco calls it) at Duo Multicultural Arts Center (DMAC) this weekend. “Twin Pines” runs tonight and tomorrow at 8pm. For those wary of modern-day hallucinogens, Keely serves up a good, chemical-free, inducement of

More than Five Questions for Patricia Hoffbauer

Culturebot Contributor Maura Donohue speaks with Patricia Hoffbauer who is at Danspace Project this week on a shared program with The Adventure, in the culminating event of Trajal Harrell’s Platform “certain difficulties, certain joy.”

Five Questions for Brian Rogers & Ivy Baldwin

I asked Brian Rogers, the Artistic Director of The Chocolate Factory, and choreographer Ivy Baldwin, whose “Here Rests Peggy” opened there yesterday (and runs through next week) a few questions about their relationship to the venue. To Brian: What does an artist like Ivy offer

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5 preguntas para Claudia Norman

Nombre: Claudia Norman Profesion/Ocupacion: Directora de programacion/ El Teatro del Museo del Barrio, Latino Cultural Festival-Queens Theatre in the Park/ Productora y Fundadora/ Celebrate Mexico Now/ Co-Productora: La Casita-Lincoln Center Out of Doors Compañia o Indpendiente u otra cosa?: El Museo del Barrio/Queens Theatre in