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A Neverland Dystopia?

This is Peter Pan set in a dystopian futureland, the music acting as a remnant of a memory of a time when feeling was more possible, when childhood was more innocent; before we found ourselves up against a neon wall, staring out at the void, attempting to determine if we’ve (finally, like Peter did when he flew back one night only to find the window closed against him) reached a point of no return.

January Dispatches

Culturebot dance writers catch up: Jack Fervor, Raja & Tzeta, John Jasperse, My Barbarian.

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Jack Ferver Psyches Us Out

Culturebot’s Aaron Mattocks interviews the inimitable Jack Ferver to find out what was on and in his mind as he created his new show Rumble Ghost, based on the cult classic horror film Poltergeist and “Inner Child Work” therapy.