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Five Questions with Megan Murtha

I grew up in a yellow house in West Seneca, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. My bedroom window was on the second floor in between the windows of my sisters, though I am the youngest, with a huge maple tree in front of it that made me feel like I lived in a treehouse.

On BLOSSOM at Dixon Place

The first time I tried to attend Blossom, at its Henson Carriage House residency in April 2015, the world of texts and trains conspired against me so I ended up stuck in the lobby area with the house manager for the duration of the show,

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Save the Date for LaMama Puppet Series IV

“La MaMa Puppet Series IV — Built to Perform,” the latest in La MaMa’s celebrated annual puppet program, will premiere five adult puppet theater productions and remount a popular children’s attraction this fall, exploring the artistic and creative possibilities of puppetry in all its forms. The series will run from October 14 to November 28, 2010.

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some nog for your egg, West Coast style

I like family time around a tree/group of candles/monthlong fast as much as the next person, but today I think if I hear another carol I might vomit. If you are similarly seeking relief from a month of earnest cheer, and you happen to be

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Here Arts Center: “Arias With a Twist”

A red velvet curtain slowly opens…to reveal a dark hanging curtain. After a few moments, this layer peels off as well, onto a screen of faux leopard skin. The audience laughs. We are so close to the stage and the small theater makes me hungry