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Thinking “La Machine de Turing” at La MaMa

There is an insidious thrum of accelerated timelines smashing together at the messy intersection of computational expansiveness, human fear, militaristic state intervention and governmental ignorance in “La Machine de Turing” currently running at La MaMa through March 5th

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Antony on Fresh Air

Antony Hegarty was on Fresh Air today with a lovely interview. Listen here. And even better, Antony performing Crazy in Love.

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Five Questions for: Erika Hennebury

Rhubarb Festival opens this weekend in Toronto, presented by Buddies in Bad Times – Toronto’s oldest queer theater. I did a quick 5-questions with Rhubarb’s delicious Festival Director Erika Hennebury. JH: Rhubarb is turning 30 this year. All the thirty-year-olds I know are pissed at

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Darkrooms – Homme Made at DANEYAL MAHMOOD

Franko B. and my friend Tobaron have work in this show. Go check it out. Darkrooms-Homme Made curated by Avi Feldman January 15 – February 21, 2009 reception: January 15, 6-8 PM  Franko B, Amir Fattal, Carl Hopgood, Shiro Masuyama, Michal Moskop, Yochai Matos, Dean Sameshima, Kyle

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The Kitchen: “Anger/Nation”

Photo by Paula Court, On entering The Kitchen this Saturday, I was curious to see how Radiohole had dealt with Chelsea’s sizable performance space for the staging of ANGER/NATION, their latest production. The company usually performs at the Collapsable Hole, a theater made from two

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Here Arts Center: “Arias With a Twist”

A red velvet curtain slowly opens…to reveal a dark hanging curtain. After a few moments, this layer peels off as well, onto a screen of faux leopard skin. The audience laughs. We are so close to the stage and the small theater makes me hungry

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Peg-Ass-Us LIVE!

Just in case you think we’re gettin’ a little too artsy fartsy around here, we’re going to plug (heh-heh) the upcoming show Peg-Ass-Us. Never seen it, know nothing about it, but dang ya gotta give these kids credit for pure pervy-ness! Peg-Ass-Us Performed and Created

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Hey All You Queer Homos

Its June and that means there’s lots of queertastic entertainment coming your way. For instance: Neil Greenberg’s ” Really Queer Dance with Harps and Quartet with Three Gay Men” June 11-14, 18-21 at 7:30pm $25/$15(Discount) at Dance Theater Workshop http://www.dancetheaterworkshop.org/greenberg And also the HOT FEST

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Cockettes Reunion

Despite the post-Reagan revisionist history, the 60’s were, in fact,  a time of enormous changed. In San Francisco, especially, the Hippies and/or Freaks or what-have-you lived collectively, had a thriving barter economy and were, in their own drug-addled naive way, trying to be in the