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Cynthia Hopkins: Essential Viewing

AKA that spacesuit show Tarbot’s been working on You will dig this show I just saw if you, like me, have cremative diffuifulties, like with writing n’ schtuff… Or like you can’t like articulate yourself good enough to get a job… Or you can’t break

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Wooster Group Benefit

The Wooster Group Benefit last Friday was a great time. Fab people, fun drinks, great DJ and more!! Thanks to my friend Alexis we’ve got some great photos of the party –¬†with more to come! Here’s a few to start – and check her photo

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Oph3lia, Hamlet, Macbeth & More

Okay I was going to do this in a logical way, starting with the first show and moving on up in time to this afternoon (Sunday). But I can’t do it that way because I have been moved to tears and almost to speechlessness by