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Dreaming Erotica with GENET PORNO

Pushing boundaries was at the heart of Jean Genet’s seminal literary work, Our Lady of the Flowers, which weaves a highly sensational tale of promiscuity and murder in the seedy underbelly of Paris. Our Lady of the Flowers, written in 1943, became a major influence

Toneelgroep Amsterdam’s After the Rehearsal/Persona at Philly Fringe

Philadelphia’s Fringe Festival is comprised of two types of fringe-ing. There’s the Independent/Neighborhood Fringe–which is Fringe as we typically understand it, independent producers sprawled all over the city making weird experimental pieces. Then there’s the Curated Fringe, which consists of productions FringeArts has invested money

In Progress: A Prelude 2014 Reflection

    As a relative newcomer to the City, my Prelude 2014 experience lacked just that: a prelude, or much context at all, for that matter. And for that, I am grateful. In place of expectation, lay openness. In the absence of prior knowledge, the

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Tele-Violet’s “Lady Han” at Incubator Arts Project

Tele-Violet’s Lady Han, which refracts the 15th century Noh drama through the goggles of an Americana fever dream, premiered at Incubator Arts Project this month. The emerging NYC theater company, led by stage director Katherine Brook, uses the classical Japanese text, Zeami in Royall Tyler’s translation, as a structure of longing for