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UTR – new website

Check out Under The Radar’s new website! This new site is easy to navigate so you can plan your schedule and see all the great work going on at The Public, 3LD, HERE, Ps122, CSV, New Victory, The Ohio, LaMama and more. It is going

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the shipment and some loose ends

Last night i finally got to see the latest version of Young Jean Lee’s THE SHIPMENT at The Kitchen. I thought it was fantastic. I had seen an earlier version and knew basically what to expect, but I was really impressed nonetheless. In some ways

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Take a Deep Breath – Its APAP!

Okay so its APAP time again and its busier than ever. PS122 has COIL, The Public has Under The Radar, at CSV will have Witness Relocation and International WOW presenting the shows they did during Spotlight Japan at PRELUDE two years ago. HERE Arts Center