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Olive Bieringa’s “action movie” @ Vital Matters

On October 21, 2016, I attended action movie by Olive Bieringa in the Vital Matters Dance Festival, held at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis, MN. This four-day festival was important in centrally locating the body and its felt experience. I found depth and renewal in

Anna Marie Shogren’s “Human Anatomy” @ Vital Matters

Minneapolis, MN I was catering the opening night of the Vital Matters Festival of Dance at the Southern Theater, so between arranging plates, slicing bread, instructing assistants, opening jars, and fluffing tablecloths, I tiptoed into the back of theater to watch Anna Marie Shogren’s Human

Otto Ramstad’s “Lineage” @ Vital Matters

In the context of a contemporary dance festival dedicated to the “vital materiality of the body,” I was surprised that the greatest challenge to my idea of embodiment came about through its negation—through a conscious disembodiment of dance, in Otto Ramstad’s solo work Lineage. In the