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Amplify the Radical: Poetry Project’s 50th Anniversary & New Year’s Day Marathon

The Poetry Project’s “dedication to the amplification of radical imagination, oppositional thinking, and community building among writers, artists, and their audience​s” makes its New Year’s Day Marathon Reading a perfect way to let go of all the lost voices and hopes of 2016 and to rebuild our fortitude, inoculate ourselves against the vitriol and demagoguery, and find the voices of a newly (re)forming counterculture.

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Around the World with Yoshiko Chuma

Just go. Really. I mean, you can read the rest of this post, I hope you will, but ultimately you just need to get over to Danspace Project and see Yoshiko Chuma’s Not About Romanian Cinema:POONARC because it is absolutely magical. It is running through

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Danspace Project presents City/Dans: YOSHIKO CHUMA & THE SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS/ROOT CULTURE (USA/Japan/Romania) Not About Romanian Cinema: POONARC June 4-6 and 11-13, 2009 [Thurs-Sat] at 8:30 PM Admission: $18.00 ($12.00 for members)   “Yoshiko Chuma is a maverick, utterly unique, a ‘one-off’ as the