Worst. Sex. Ever. recap

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a downtown crowd that happy and content with sitting on the floor for over two hours. PS 122 was beyond sold out on Wednesday night, so even though those on the floor may have had a sore ass by the end of the night, everyone was happy to have just made it in the door! And yes, the show was worth it — and worth all 500 pennies that was the admission price.

So, the program started really late. So there was a surprising amount of material read, in fact enough to warrant an intermission — something which is now rare below 14th street. But who cares? This was a full-out raunchy bitch-fest. By the end of the evening, I felt like everyone in the room was one big, happy, sexually blatant family.

Over the course of the evening, 11 NYC bloggers made their way up to the microphone. Each had their own distinct writing style, sexual perspective, and performer affect. This was a surprisingly consistent, quality bunch.

My personal highlights included: the musical version of searching for love via the internet, learning about the pros and cons of male vs. female ass-eating, and hearing, more than once, variations on the phrase “back when I was straight.” There was much, much more, but I encourage taking the time to go to these sites and read the stories for yourself (rumor has it many of them have already been posted). For a quick link, Chris, the evening’s host, has put links to each site on her site, uffish.com, or check out the past culturebot posting on Worst. Sex. Ever .

I do hope this is not the first and last of an event like this, it was too much fun and too successful to dissolve away.

One final thought: Without bad sex, there would be no such thing as good sex. And besides, bad sex makes for better stories.

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