Venus on a Half Clam, redux

If you missed Taylor Mac‘s Cardiac Arrest or Venus on a Half Clam when it was at Fez, or the $8 cover was too steep (cheap-o!) then get yourself over to The Slide (356 Bowery, in the cellar; between 3rd and 4th Sts.) on Friday, March 5th at 9pm and see it for FREE.
Now, you’re probably wondering why Culturebot is posting about him again.
It’s because he’s just. that. good.
No fooling.

After a six month run of his solo-piece The Face of Liberalism, Taylor Mac
returns to the stage with this brand new performance art cabaret. Gay Marriage,
morning masturbation sessions, backroom orgies and his failing relationship
with Vice President Dick Cheney are a few of the topics explored in this show
about love, Armageddon style.

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