The first WYSIWYG Talent Show went well last night with super duper readings from Mike Daisey (MikeDaisey.com), Blaise K. (Bazima.com), Michael Barrish (Oblivio.com), Chris Glazier (JimmyLegs.com), Lindsay Robertson (Lindsayism.com), and José Ralat Maldonado (LeftFieldLengua.blogspot.com)

If you want to know more, Lindsay Robertson wrote briefly about the show here and Mike Daisey wrote briefly about it here, Jimmy Legs has a somewhat longer post about it here and for a complete and total write-up, check out Uffish.com

Michael Barrish’s story can be read here, Blaise K.’s story can be read here and Mike Daisey performs new stories at P.S. 122 every Monday night at 7:30 p.m.

If you’re a blogger and you want to read or perform, go to the WYSIWYG site and find out how.

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