On March 20th, there are several street theater events going on at various locations and times around town, to co-ordinate with global anti-war protests. THAW will be meeting before the march and hosting anti-march activities and performances. THAW will be assembling at 11:30 AM at Bryant Park (behind the New York Public Library – just off 6th Avenue between 40th and 42nd Streets).

RTS NY and the Absurd Response Team [ed. note: I don’t know anything about either of these groups] will also be meeting before the March to coordinate. They will meet at 11:30 AM on the steps of the NYPL at 40th street.

If you click through, I’ve cut & pasted the email I got.

The Republicans are Coming! The Republicans are Coming!

In the spirit of Revolutionary Paul Revere,members of RTS New York and the Absurd Response Team will meet on Saturday March 20th at 11:30 AM to warn the
world that the Republicans are Coming during the Anti War March! Please dress in 1776 Revolutionary Garb!!!

What: Splendidly Silly Feeder March
Where: the Steps of NY Public Library at 40th Street
Why: To Warning that the Repblicans Coming to Pimp Our Tragedy
When: 11:30 AM on Saturday March 20th
What to Wear: Revolutionary Garb

Dress Code

1) White, button-up, collared, men’s shirt or women’s blouse
2) Button-up vest (solid earth tones – tan, brown, green – and blue were
colors of the era – the vests I have are simply reversed, with the
contemporary patterns (plaid, pinstripe, etc.) facing in, and the
solid-colored lining facing out)
3) White women’s stockings (mine fit up to my waste – any socks, men’s or
women’s, that reach up to the knee would work)
4) Sweatpants, rolled up to the knee (solid colors, like above)
5) Belt with big buckle
6) Shoes, mine are simple black slippers, like street vendors sell.
7) Hat – looks like we may have enough to go around. If you want to try
and find one for yourself, to be sure you get one, the going price for a
colonial hat at party/costume shops these days is $9.95 (like at my
favorite costume shop these days, Village Paper at Greenwich Avenue and
10th Street, behind the Jefferson Market Library – they were out of stock
last week, but I’m gonna check again after work today, along with Party
City on 14th Street & 6th Ave.). That 10 buck hat doesn’t look at cool as
the one I’ve been wearing the past few months, which a web search reveals
to be the ‘deluxe’ version, listing at $24.95 (I paid $1 at a stoop sale).


THAW, in collaboration with the March 20th march organizers and fellow artists-activist groups (including Bread and Puppet and FEVA-The Federation of East Village Artists), be assembling at 11:30 AM at Bryant Park (behind the New York Public Library – just off 6th Avenue between 40th and 42nd Streets).

After demonstration they will have a Billi

Saturday March 20th 4-8p all ages welcome

Peace March AFTER-PARTY Schmoozing and Music for the Political Arts Community

All Welcome
$8-$10-$1,000,000 sliding scale
BENEFITS UFPJ (United for Peace and Justice)
– Billionaires for Bush (B4B)
– Federation of East Village Artists (FEVA)
(such as: Rumsfeld & Coke; W’s Demise)
Dress: Protest-Cocktail
4p-6p (if we are full beyond capacity, come back at 6p)
– James D. Jacobs, Cello and TBA Violinist
Ambient Billionaire Elegant to Bohemian
– Benny Keyes, Piano
– Reverend Billy’s Church of Stop Shopping Choir
– Missile Dick Chicks
– Oh de Twirlette
– Circus Amok band
– Special Surprise Guest Cameo
– Billionaires for Bush
– Missile Dick Chicks
– Peace Marchers (you)
DJ and Sound:
– Kris Anton
Co-Produced by:
– Sari (rub.)
– Robin Eublind robin.eublind@billionairesforbush.com
Special Thanks:
– Benjamin Ickies (stay for his following event!)
– Mitch Hochman La Belle Epoque
Turn-of-the-Century French (Freedom) Ballroom La Belle Epoque 827 Broadway btw 12/13th St
15 minute walk from Peace Rally at Madison Park (23rd St)
(10 blocks south on Broadway or Park Ave)
TRAINS 1 1/2 blocks south from Union Square subway station
BUS Broadway buses
1) ===
8p-1a $10 Event follows, same location:
First Night of Spring Rock Dance Party
Follows at La Belle Epoquw Curated by Benjamin Ickies
Les Sansculottes
Luminescent Orchestrii
Movers and Shakers
New Radio
DJ Chris Anton
MC Red Bastard

2) ====
8p-~1a Free Event Follows,
Shock ‘n Awe
1st Anniversary Shock ‘n Awe Iraq War Opening
Shock ‘n Awe Video Art Projection
Glass Bead Collective
Gallery 216, Lafayette and Spring St, SoHo (15 minute walk from La
Belle Epoque, walk south on Broadway cross Houston, walk 2 more blks
to Spring St, turn left, walk 2 blks to Lafayette St.)


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