organatronLate last night, the following transmissions were received amidst a strange glow from a mysterious being known as ‘Servant of Og’. ‘Servant of Og’ demands our attention every Friday night at 10:30 PM at Arthur Seelen Theater. Dicover the magic that is Organatron

You describe Organatron as a fully improvised collision of dance,
music and comedy, which is a pretty ambitious undertaking. What is the origin of

Organatron has no origin. Before there was the word ‘was’ there was
Organatron. It has existed since time began, Organatron permeates the
very air you breathe. Unfortunately, much like x-rays only being visible to
Superman, Organatron can only be seen by humans through this unique prism of cross-genre theatre.

On your website you have an X-Ray of a baby surrounded by the words
community, philosophy and knowledge. What’s that all about?

From the inception of its life cycle, Organatron is hungry and seeks
knowledge. But only the audience can guide the hatchling to its
destiny. This symbiosis creates relationship. A nexus of these relationships creates community. This is pleasing to Og.

You also say “soon we shall all become Organatron”? When do you think
that’ll happen and how will we be able to tell?

The transformation can only occur when the disciple is ready. We have
a couple of pictures to show what the process may look like, but the
physical transformation is merely the last phase of the process. The only way to
truly know if one is becoming Organatron is to be tested. Tests are
administered every Friday night at 10:30 at the Drama Book Shop.

Name one Best and one Worst Organatron moment.

The best moment for Organatron was the discovery of the mystical powers
of fermentum gratis [free beer]. Fermentum is an amazing elixir that brings
disparate travellers together and invites them to find common ground. The
worst Organatron moment was when we were unexpectedly hit in the crotch
with a football.

What is next for Organatron?

Organatron’s destiny is a vicious cycle of death and re-birth. We seek
knowledge but more importantly connection. Soon we shall all become

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