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From Gameboy Music Battles to Gay Wedding Rock Rallies to Blasphemous Jesus Performance Art, Culturebot has been very, very busy. He is much, much too busy to actually write up all the things he has been going to see and do. Therefore, here’s a list of some of the exciting NYC events he has been to over the past week or so. You connect the dots, make the connections, parse the data.

Friday, April 23

Checked out the opening of Christopher Janney’s Sonic Forest ’04 in Union Square. (He also did the cool sound sculpture in N/R tracks at the Herald Square subway station)

Attended the opening of the Harvestworks Mixing It Up Symposium at Remote Lounge. (totally unrelated, I just found the Eyebeam Atelier’s reBlog. Its far out. Hopefully Team Culturebot can figure out how to do the feeds.)

Went to see Weight at The P.I.T.

Saturday, April 24

Saw Miya Masaoka and her laser-controlled koto demonstartion at Harvestworks.

Attended a symposium by Helen Thorington on “computer mediated distributed performances”. Heady stuff.

Attended a workshop with Troika Ranch Digital Dance Theater. Got to wear their MidiDancer gizmo and dance around, thus making electronic music. That was pretty fun. I’m thinking of taking up modern dance! (just kidding).

Went to the Apple Store to catch a performance from Pamela Z., who works with digital technology, laptops, stuff like that. She’s got a great voice.

Went to Art In General for the opening of “Rock’s Role which was a sound art exhibit conceived as a garden. Pretty cool.

Then I went over to see Young Jean Lee’s The Appeal.


Sunday, April 25

Went to the Cooper Union Great Hall to hear Michael Century talk about the history of the intersection of art & technology and the dynamics of innovation in creative software cultures. (Confused? It made my head spin, too.)

Went back to Harvestworks for a presentation discussion with Wayne Ashley (who, when he was at BAM curated one of my favorite art installations ever, “Listening Post”. It was the summer of 2001), Kevin Cunningham from 3 Legged Dog and Janine Cirincione from RPI. Very, very interesting stuff.

After that I hightailed it over to the Open Air Bar for a Gameboy Music Match that was put together by SHARE and the Austrian Cultural Forum. It was *amazing*!! My favorite Gameboy Musician was, without a doubt, Hey Kid, Nice Robot. But there was a girl called Bubbly Fish who also rocked the … mic? Rocked the digits? I don’t know. But whatever it was, it was rocked.

Monday, April 26

Went to a Round Table Discussion with Carol Parkinson from Harvestworks and Christina Yang from The Kitchen. Lots of thoughts on computers, music, technology and performance. After that, the discussion segued into a presentation/discussion from the guys at KaiserWorks who have done all this cool motion capture work with choreographers such as Merce Cunningham, Trisha Brown, Bebe Miller and Bill T. Jones. Very Edutaining.

That evening I went over to the Duplex to see The Wreck Behind Us, a new play by Roland Tec featuring Taylor Mac Bowyer, who some of you may know as just Taylor Mac from his shows “The Face of Liberalism” and “Venus on the Half Clam”.

Wednesday, April 28

Went to WEDROCK an ALL-STAR benefit concert for Freedom to Marry w/PENNY ARCADE, SANDRA BERNHARD MARGARET CHO, ALAN CUMMING, JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL, BOB MOULD, SLEATER-KINNEY, LE TIGRE, LOU REED, MOBY and other special guests. It was crazy. That Crobar place is huge. I would never go there otherwise, but I was glad to see it.

Friday, April 30

Went to The Kitchen for the Whitney Biennial performances by Cory Archangel (he did something funny called “Pizza Party”), Golan Levin & Zachary Lieberman and, of course, the ever-awesome Tracy & the Plastics. Yowza!

After that headed over to Volume in my old stomping grounds of Williamsburg, Brooklyn for The Hungry March Band’s Satyricon A Go Go. Very, very fun.

Saturday, May 1

After a day soaking in the sun I headed down to LaMama to see Hercules in High Suburbia, which was a fun musical romp through Greek Tragedy!

And over, finally, to PS122 for Schoolhouse Roxx, which was themed “Holy Sh*t!” and was some very sacrilegous rock’n’roll performance art fun. Well, not so sacrilegous for me, since I’m Jewish, but for the Xtians, maybe, a little bit blasphemous.

Okay. Are you keeping up with me?
Right on.
See you out’n’about all my little culture monkeys!

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