Summer’s off to a good start and there’s tons o’ good theater happening.

Last night was the kick-off for Clubbed Thumb’s summer festival, Summerworks 2004.
With new plays by Rinne Groff (from Elevator Repair Service), Sheila Callaghan and Brighde Mullins and with directors like Trip Cullman (who directed the new WauWau Sisters show at Ars Nova.) and Katie Pearl (from the Obie winning show Nita & Zita) I think we can expect some great stuff.

Speaking (ever so loosely) of Elevator Repair Service, they have a new work-in-progress called Gatsby that they’ll be trying out at The Collapsable Hole. Sounds like our kind of trouble.

Also, the powerful and unnerving Charlie Victor Romeo (CVR) has returned to NYC at P.S. 122. The show takes real “black box” recordings from cockpit voice recorders and performs them. The show ran for 8 months at Collective:Unconscious in 1999/2000, and this is the first time the show has been performed in NYC since that time.

Team Culturebot is currently working on more detailed articles on some of the other events going on this summer including all the Big Gay Theater Festivals, The HOWL! Festival, The Imagine 04 Festival and all the random street performances and actions that will transpire around the RNC. So stay tuned!

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