a quick one while he’s away

Sorry for not updating for awhile. Things have been crazy busy and the Culturebot team of trusty interns is still getting oriented.

So, while we try and come up with more exciting content for you here’s a few newsy tidbits:

The Imagine04 website is live. This is a huge festival of arts & ideas that will run concurrently with the Republican National Convention. There will be tons and tons of arts and cultural programming going on in every corner of the city. What’d I tell ya?August: it’s the new September.

This year’s Ice Factory Festival starts July 7th and runs through August 7th. It looks great. A few of the shows:

There’s also the HOWL! Festival in August. Which should be interesting.

So there you go. You’re set for the summer.

(If I’m forgetting anything, feel free to post your festival in the comments section)

(On a totally unrelated and largely irrelevant tangent: has anyone else read about the 23 year old Florida teacher who had sex with her 14 year old student? Apparently the student couldn’t keep the affair secret and told his friends and a 15-year-old cousin that he was having sex with a “hot teacher.” I am not expressing moral outrage (I think most 14 year old straight boys probably wanted to sleep with a “hot teacher”) only incredulity. I’m picturing the opera version, or maybe the musical theater version with this lady, and Mary Kay Letourneau and a few other teachers who seduced their students. It will be a passionate musical tragicomedy.

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