Beware the Vengeance of Chuck-Bob!

dirty basementOkay. So. Some of you may not have experienced the giddily sinister goodness that is Uncle Jimmy’s Dirty Basement. If you haven’t, you are a very sad & lonely individual.

This Saturday you can witness these Emperors of Filthy Puppet Rock as they unleash a torrent of rump-shakin’, head-bangin’, eyeball-poppin’ Dirty Madness at the Bowery Ballroom. Appearing with SATANICIDE, Les Sans Culottes, and Alabama Blacksnake.

I’m tellin’ ya, Uncle Jimmy’s been packing ’em into the Bowery Poetry Club for months and months and they put on a helluva show. Don’t miss it.

Uncle Jimmy’s Dirty Basement @ The Bowery Ballroom
Saturday, July 17th
Doors – 8pm

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