Arab Women Performance Night

One of my favorite events newsletters is Tom Tenney’s Toxic Pop. He always finds cool performance-y stuff to do in NYC.

In this week’s edition, he has a listing for Arab Women Performance Night at the Alwan Center. Looks interesting, enlightening and challenging. Click through for more details from the press release/listing.

NAAP-NY presents…


Join us on August 7th, 2004, for a night of empowerment and a unique journey through the existing and flourishing talents of female artists in the Arab-American community. Come see a colorful array of performances and presentations by artists of all forms: painters, dancers, poets, singers, comedians, actors, writers, visual artists, and more! More diversity than you can imagine. Here’s a sneak peak at some of our talented performers:

** MAYSOON ZAYID will perform her latest comedic routine.

** HEATHER RAFFO will share selections from her newly published play “Nine Parts of Desire”, a solo play told through the lives of nine radical Iraqi women.

** AMINA MUNOZ-ALI, poet, spoken-word artist, and slam champion will share her work.

** NADIA MOUSSA will share her dance and choreography of regional, folkloric, modern fusion and classical dances of the Middle East, India, and Pakistan.

** NOURA ERAKAT, playwright, writer, and activist, will perform her latest
theatrical piece, “Visiting Palestine.”

** VICKI KHUZAMI will present her work in the fields of mural painting,
illustration, and fines Arts.

** NADEEN AL-JIJAKLI will perform spoken word exploring the struggles of Arabs in the United States and abroad.

** ZAN ASHA will share her dance and choreography in Near and Far East entertainment and ethnofusion work.

** NOUR BAGHDADY will share her paintings and visual interpretations of the written word.

** YASMINE EL-SHAMAYLEH will share her poetry and some classical flute.

** CHRISTINA SOLIMAN, visual artist, will share her work through the medium of various materials, ranging from paint to human hair.

** AMIRA HANAFI will give a reading of her recent experimental and procedural poems.

** HANAN ALATTAR, professional opera singer, will perform her latest renditions.

** EMAN HAMAD will share songs about Palestine.

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