�If it�s not okay, it�s not the end�

Today at 5:30 PM one hundred people – children, the elderly, experienced, amateur — will be dancing on the North Plaza at Lincoln Center. Elise Long’s Spoke the Hub Dancing are bringing their work out of her Gowanus Canal studio to present “Community of Creativity: a Garland for Saraswati,” which will celebrate the Hindu goddess of learning and the arts, the legendary Indian river Saraswati, and the combined creativity of the dancers and viewers. They’re having all kinds of workshops there, too (like tai chi, English sword dancing, or mask-making) and the entire thing is free and open to the public. It’s collective, exuberant, creative celebration.

See the article in the Times. Today, 5:30-7:30, North Plaza at Lincoln Center (Broadway at 65th).

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