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After reading this article in the Times today, I almost want to stay around for the RNC. I mean, I wanted to before, sort of — go align myself with one of the groups who were tabling at the crazy-fun NEO-CONey Island block party the other day and protest wherever the city has decided to let them (somewhere in New Jersey, I think, though it might be Nova Scotia now). But look! Look! If you decide that you’re a peaceful activist, you get all sorts of cool stuff! Who cares that the Republicans get free Metrocards? Check this!

“The discount program for protesters is modeled on one for delegates to the convention, and there are some notable differences. Protesters are offered $5 off admission to the Museum of Sex, while delegates are not. But delegates get $3 off the space show at the American Museum of Natural History, a discount not offered to protesters. The Republicans get “Rent,” the people who oppose them get “Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding.””

Not to mention the Pokemon Center Store. Ohhh, it’s almost too good to pass up. (And it’s good that the Republicans are getting free tickets to ‘Rent.’ Now all of their stereotypes about the artistic underclass can be gloriously proven, in rousing harmony. But watch out for those nasty gay people. And the drag queens. They might eat you.)

So if you’re a good little activist, and don’t make a mess, and keep your hands to yourself, you’ll get a special treat! Isn’t that nice? Too bad the awesome Code Pink already lost their chance at a free meal at Applebee’s by “trying to dangle” a banner outside their hotel room. I mean, someone could have gotten hurt. It could have fluttered to the ground and landed softly on a passing Republican.

(I wonder if this kind of thing would work on the administration. “Hey, now, so the UN has decided to give you all free airline tickets to anywhere you’d like and a gourmet meal every week, as long as you promise to be peaceful.” Except they already get that anyway.)

Oh well. The activists who were going to be peaceful already will probably stay that way, regardless of goofy Statue-of-Liberty pin, and the ones that weren’t probably have other things to think about than ‘Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding.’ the Republicans won’t get invited to all the fun after-barbecues, anyway.

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