When Culturebot went to the launch party for the Imagine04 festival, he was introduced to the multimedia artist Randall Packer, who has created a media art project blurring the lines of fiction and reality called the U.S. Department of Art and Technology. There’s a story about it in The Times.

They’re hosting something called The Experimental Party Disinformation Center Propaganda Hospitality Suite this Saturday from 6-8 p.m. at LUXE Gallery at 24 W. 57th St. Looks like high-concept fun. I hope there’s free booze!

Oh, and (but of course), they’ve started a blog at I don’t know if its a permanent blog or just part of the installation, but it should be interesting.

And speaking of blogs, don’t forget the special WYSIWYG Talent Show that Culturebot is organizing for the Imagine04 Festival. It’ll go down on August 31st at 7pm. Its a panel on blogs, politics and personal voice featuring some rock stars of blog:

John Aravosis (
John Perry Barlow (
Cam Barrett (
Jen Chung (
Ana Marie Cox (
Douglas Rushkoff (
Julian Sanchez (

Moderated by Jeff Jarvis (

OH – and we’ve started a blog over at the WYSIWYG site to keep people up to date on events and news and projects being created by bloggers.

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