Patriots Gone Wild!

If you weren’t there, you missed one of the most fantabulous events of the Imagine04 festival. Taylor Mac put together an amazing evening of downtown art stars called Live Patriot Acts: Patriots Gone Wiiiild!.

Just look at this line up:

Rinde Eckert, Julie Atlas-Muz, Mike Albo, Fake Brain, Naked Puppets (from Seattle), The Dazzle Dancers, Dirty Martini, The World Famous *Bob*, Scotty the Blue Bunny, Brandon Olson, Tigger, Bitch (formerly of Bitch & Animal), Helen Stratford, Lady Ace, Bradford Scobie as Ukulele Louie, with a fashion show by Machine Dazzle and photos by JoJo!

Murray Hill was there cooking hot dogs on a grill for the tailgate portion of the show, the room was packed to the rafters and besides the great musical talent and performances this was by far the nakedest show of the summer.

I saw lots of picture-takers and videographers in the audience, so if anybody has some digital pix, please send ’em in! (

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