The Triskaidekaphiliac Prom

13P invites you to The Triskaidekaphiliac Prom, a free celebration at Southpaw on Monday, October 11.

(from their email)

13P will revel in the success of The Internationalist and dance until dawn to invoke the blessings of the muses on their upcoming productions at Mint Space and P.S. 122. All the beautiful people will be there including fabulous musical guests: Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra, featuring Mike Stumm, Deidre Rodman, pianist/composer/singer for the Lascivious Biddies and leader of the Deidre Rodman Jazz Quintet; Sporadica: The James Urbaniak and Nina Hellman Supergroup, and Rebecca Hart. With special performances by the 13P.

Monday, October 11th
8p; $free
125 Fifth Avenue, between Sterling Place and St. John’s Place, Brooklyn
212 613 3119

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