More Songs from the Darkness

the living jarboThis weekend is also SCHOOLHOUSE ROXX at P.S. 122 featuring The Living Jarboe (SWANS), Mz. Pakman and Barbez with Ksenia Vidyaykina.

The New Yorker says, “On the last weekend of each month, P.S. 122 puts rock and roll and performance art on the curriculum. Oct. 29: Jarboe, a Georgia native who sang with New York’s legendary nihilists the Swans for more than a decade, is not an easy musician to categorize. She pairs the visual flair of performance art with a fiercely eclectic arsenal of styles, and she never shies away from the aggressive and the extreme. Her current tour finds her flanked by only a guitarist and a violinist. Oct. 30: The trashy spectacle of Mz. Pakman headlines an evening that includes a bug-eating woman and burlesque dancing rats. Oct. 31: The gothic cabaret of Barbez, whose lead singer is an intense Russian dancer named Ksenia Vidyaykina.”

(P.S. 122 is at 150 First Ave., at 9th St. 212-477-5288. The shows are at 9. ticket prices vary)

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