Dov Weinstein

Tiny NinjaDov Weinstein is the founder and director of Tiny Ninja Theater.
He was born in Madison, Wisconsin and has studied puppetry with The Green Fools, Jon Bell and Eric Blanc. Recent outside projects include a tour of Southern Sweden playing music for a new circus show, and directing actual flesh-and-blood human beings in self-generated clown shows.

So Hamlet is the seventh show you’ve done with “dime-store figures.”
What’s new about this show?

Well, I guess the main thing that’s new is … well … you know, it’s
Hamlet. We’re also going to be using some projections. And, for the first
time, a ninja is taking the lead role. But still, I think my co-producer
Jonathan Van Gieson said it best when he said: “If tiny plastic ninjas had existed
in the 17th century, I have no doubt that Shakespeare himself would have staged the show in this way.”

Who’s your favorite cast member and why?

As my mother always said: “I love all my children equally. Except you.”

Any plans to use larger puppets or live actors in Tiny Ninja Theater?


Where’s your favorite place to hang out in New York and why?

In front of vending machines, “recruiting.”

If you had to choose three personal items to take with you to a
desert island, what would they be and why?

A boat, a map, and, if those didn’t work out, the collected works of

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