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Well, not exactly. Normally I’d be reluctant to write about improv comedy, or even stand-up, in this forum. Too much of it goes around masquerading as theater and lowering the bar. That being said, when I read about this event on the nonsensenyc newsletter, I was intrigued. Its like one of those weird food combinations that could be great, could be a disaster. Its called “Foreplay” and its billed as “erotic improv comedy”. Hmmmmm…



Erotic improv comedy. When burner baby d infiltrated the uptight NY
improv comedy scene, Foreplay was born. Audience comes in. Audience is
seduced by music, wine, chocolates, fruit, and sexy talk. Audience
whispers its fantasies and fetishes to performers, who then go make
spontaneous erotic theater. Then we all play together at our
oft-naughty afterparty.

154 West 29th Street, between 6th and 7th streets, Manhattan
11p; $8

NOTE: Close readers will see that the above event is somewhat
suggestive. That is, it’s kind of sex-oriented. Of course Nonsense
subscribers know that we’re squeamish about this kind of stuff. Here’s
how we got to the point where it seemed like maybe a good idea to run
it: First, we sent the organizer an email that asked what this event
was all about. And we pointed out that we’re pretty much prudes too.
This is what she said: “Thanks for writing back. I appreciate your
questions and am not offended by your prudishness. Some explanation:
Improv comedy has been dominated by the sexually repressed since time
immemorial, so the whole concept of “erotic improv comedy” is crazy and
new. Our want is to blur lines between comedy and eroticism. So it is
erotic role play, but it’s done by trained comedians as opposed to
run-of-the-mill pervs. And we do like to interact with the audience
afterwards, and we are scantily clad, but again, we want to blur the
lines between “innocent performance” and “interactive straight up sex
party.” So it’s somewhere in the middle. Light for sex party types, and
just a little scandalous for the more innocent and prudish sort. Again,
I understand your unsureness. Our current audiences consist of somewhat
nervous comedian types, and I’d prefer the fun-seeking
burner-and-nonsense types in the mix. We need your energy more than
you need us, for sure. Then again, we’re artists trying something new,
something a little uncategorizable, and I’m proud enough of that that I
figured I’d give you a shot.”

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