Emerging Black Playwrights Gathering

I just received this via email:

Emerging Black Playwrights Gathering
Dec. 20th (Mon.)
575 Eighth Avenue/Suite 17 South (Brooklyn)

A gathering for Emerging Black Playwrights is happening Monday, Dec. 20th from 6-8pm at ART/NY.
The purpose of the gathering is to assemble -for the first time ever- emerging black playwrights in order to:

1. address the problems and possible solutions to the obstacles we face in
the theatre community

2. socialize and network amongst each other

3. find ways of not only getting our work produced more often, but of
expressing our generation’s voice and a new wave of black theatre in NYC

RSVP by December 7th,so ART/NY can have an approximate number of how many
are going to show up. Do this by e-mailing squireny@aol.com.

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