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We just wanted to remind everybody to sign up and become a culturebot!. If you have a website, great, you can be part of the network. We try and read other culturebot sites looking for opinions, tips, etc. If you don’t have a site, that’s cool too. Just this week we sent out three different discount or comp ticket offers to our list, including the opening night performance and reception for da da kamera’s Cul-De-Sac at P.S. 122 on Thursday. imagine all the free stuff you could be getting as a culturebot!!

Plus, we really want to help you see more theater and promote your shows as well. You can use the bulletin board to post show announcments if we don’t get a chance to post it here. And if you want to offer discount or comp tickets to other culturebots you can post to the bulletin board or send us an email and we will try to pass it along.

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