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If you’ve never seen Thomas Truax, boy howdy are you missing something. Part Mad Scientist, Part Hurdy Gurdy Man, Part Vaudeville and a few other parts as well. He makes very entertaining and theatrical musical adventues.

He just sent us this excerpt of a review from his recent gig in Edinburgh:

“…Thomas Truax is not of this earth. His primary instrument may be the guitar,
but it certainly isn’t his only one, nor is it his most preposterous. That honour
goes to The Hornicator, a gramophone trumpet with a microphone attached that
not only seems capable of sampling, looping, folding, spindling and mutilating
either Truax’s voice into multi-layered weirdness, or his percussive smacks to its body into a twisted, glitch-ridden backing beat. Also, we discover, it is immune to having beer poured down it.

His eerie, cod-spiritual songs are occasionally also backed up by his two drum
machines, which are both (naturally) made from fans, spoons and varying com-
binations of glue and tambourines. But behind all this goonery lies some engaging and haunting songs – including one about meeting a butterfly, which unfortunately needs to be nailed to a board – although to hear them completely clearly we have to wait until he climbs high into the still-accessible pulpit, and risks limbs and lives by singing them entirely acoustically from thirty feet above us. …I still can’t think of a single show I’ve seen that was as beguiling or as charming or as plain bananas as this one.”

-Alex Kirk

He’s playing a show on Sunday, Dec. 19th w/ special guests Meredith Yayanos, Paul Wallfisch, the Hornicator, Sister Spinster, and the Backbeater. Followed by Alice Texas and the mighty Botanica.

Sunday, Dec. 19th
107 Norfolk, NYC, 7:30pm
(Between Delancey & Rivington)
212-358-7501 /

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