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Request for Proposals for chashama ‘s Original Work Series:

One applicant will receive an AREA Award to develop an original work at chashama’s theatrical installation venue from February 7- March 7, 2005. chashama provides space for artists of all genres through its AREA Program (Accessing Real Estate for the Arts) in order to support the creation of cutting edge art in New York City.

The Original Works AREA Award requirements:
1. The project must be an original theatrical piece developed and presented for the first time. 2. The artist/company should develop the project at chashama for the four weeks of Feb 7-Mar 7, 2005. 3. The piece should be presentated to an invited audience 1-3 times.

The AREA Award includes:
1. One (1) $1,000 stipend.
2. A four (4) week space grant at chashama’s 3,000 sq ft storefront at 208 West 37th between 7th and 8th Ave. 3. Six (6) hours of consultation with a liaison from chashama to advise on resources such as publicity, materials, and technical assistance.

Interested applicants should submit a proposal, 2 pages maximum, received at chashama’s offices by JANUARY 10th, 2005, 5 PM. The proposal should include: 1. A description/synopsis of the work to be developed. 2. A short company or artist bio including key players in the project. 3. A description of requirements needed to informally stage the piece. Ideal projects should require minimal technical support. 4. Three (3) drawings, sketches or photos with explanation titles (preferably jpgs no larger than 50kb each.) 5. Three (3) professional references including names, emails and phone numbers.

Proposals should arrive ATTN:Original Work Series by JANUARY 10th, 2005, 5 PM via or to: chashama 201 East 42nd Street, PH
New York, NY 10017
For more information about chashama AREA Awards or about our venue at 208 West 37th Street, please visit

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