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Rape. Murder. Homosexuality. Abortion. Treason. Incest. Paganism. Divorce. Imperialism. Profanity. Communism. Infanticide. Racketeering. Perversion. Drugs. Terrorism. Taxation. Cannibalism. Sensationalism. Secularism. Flag-burning. Torture. And Genocide.

Yes, there’s no doubt about it, New Yorkers ARE a diverse and exciting people.

And if it is indeed true that our nation is now defined by its ‘Moral Values’, then it has come time to gather our beliefs as Americans and put them into theatrical plays that celebrate these core principles for summer theatergoers. Because the day may come, and all too soon, when our friends and neighbors will have nothing left to talk about at dinner. For these and many other reasons, we ask you to dig into the darkness of your souls, pull out your principled perversions and submit them in the form of an application to THE MORAL VALUES FESTIVAL at The Brick Theater.


June 3 to July 3 at The Brick
Currently accepting submissions
Applications are due by February 14, 2005 (Valentine¹s Day)


The Moral Values Festival at The Brick Theater is a festival with an emphasis on theater, but with opportunities for dancers, musicians, filmmakers, storytellers, poets, artists and synchronized swimmers to apply.

The festival runs from June 3 to July 3, 2005. Any and all artists with works relating to the theme of Moral Values are encouraged to submit their works. Performance dates and times will vary with each show, but all works will be shown on weekdays from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm and weekends from Noon to Midnight. There will also be two installments of The Brick¹s monthly variety show Brick-a-Brac on the first Sunday night of each month for short acts or one-time performances. If you wish to be considered for this variety show instead or in addition to the basic festival, please state your preference in your cover letter. All non Brick-a-Brac performances will be given a minimum of 6 performances, unless the performing entity requests fewer or has significant scheduling conflicts.

What does it cost you?

Nothing. There are no application fees or entrance fees. Box office ($10 per ticket) from each show will be split equally between the show¹s artists and The Brick Theater, Inc. These funds will be collected first by The Brick Theater, Inc. and then disbursed to the artists after the festival. A contract to this effect must be signed and returned to The Brick by the date of your Tech/Dress rehearsal.

What are the theater¹s specifications?

The primary space at The Brick is a raised, sprung wood floor that incorporates audience and stage space. The stage area in the festival setup will be approximately 21 feet wide by 30 feet deep. The depth may be lesser to include a curtained off area in the back for backstage use and light storage. The height is 12 feet to the lighting grid, not including obstruction from lights that hang below the grid. The stage space is covered with new black dance marleys.

The theater has 29 Source Fours, 1 Parcan and 3 Birdie lights. The light board is a 24-channel ETC Express programmable light board. The sound system includes two CD players, one minidisk player, an amplifier, a soundboard, an equalizer, four speakers, 2 XLR snakes and four microphones with stands.

Sets and Storage

While we would love to give significant storage options to all festival shows, The Brick has very few options for storage, especially with 3 to 7 shows running on any given day. When necessary, we will make space available, but we ask that you conceive your show with our space limitations in mind.


The Brick Theater, Inc. will employ a professional Press Representative (to be determined) to publicize the festival and all its artists. The Brick Theater, Inc. will create advertising and postcards for the festival, free of charge. However, any production company which wishes to publicize itself in any other form may do so. If you already have press materials, please send them with your application so that we may get buzz started early.

Tech Rehearsals

Each company will have one tech/dress rehearsal scheduled sometime between May 27th and your show¹s opening performance. It will be at least twice the length of your show.

All-Festival Meetings

There will be at least 2 All-Festival Meetings we ask a representative of your company to attend sometime between being accepted and the festival¹s opening weekend. They will probably occur in May.

All-Festival Passes

All Participants in the festival will receive passes that allow them to see any festival show for FREE, provided there is room.

What is the best way to communicate with The Brick for festival and other related matters?

The best and, really, the only way to communicate with and receive information from The Brick is through e-mail at Please be sure you give us a valid e-mail address and check it daily. If this is not possible, please note this on your application and we will see if other arrangements are possible.


How to Apply to the Hell Festival
Applications should include the following:

1. A cover letter answering the following:
A. What is the maximum running time you require (not including strike and setup)? B. Would you be interested in extending your run past the festival if the production becomes successful? If so, please list all potential conflicts. C. The name of a CONTACT PERSON with a phone number and e-mail address. This person will be responsible for all transactions with The Brick Theater, Inc. and must be present at all performances. Again, all crucial transactions will occur by e-mail, so be sure you supply us with an address which is checked regularly. D. A confirmation that you have obtained the rights to perform the script or property you are presenting. E. Any potential scheduling conflicts, including tech week from June 3-July 3 (weekday evenings and weekends). 2. A script or detailed proposal for performance to be created. 3. A rough technical breakdown of the work, including sound and light requirements, multimedia requirements, set, prop and costume requirements, seating arrangements, electrical outlet requirements, and any other requirements essential to the production. 4. Any media (videotape, cd, dvd) you would care to send. These will NOT be returned. Please do not send originals. If you already have press pictures, feel free to include them for our Press Representative, should your show be selected. 5. Complete Bios and resumes. 6. Any press materials (clippings, images, promotional cds and dvds) you would like us to send out with our first round of press releases, should you be accepted in the festival. Send us as many copies of such materials as you care to part with. You may also submit this material after being accepted, but the sooner we receive this material, the sooner it can be sent out.

Send all application materials no later than February 14 (Valentine’s Day) to:Jeff Lewonczyk, MVF2005, 162 West 56th Street, Suite 503, New York, NY 10019 Please do not call to find out if we have received the application. Please do not send anything to be returned in a self-addressed stamped envelope or otherwise. We cannot return any part of your application once sent.

Finding out if you have been accepted

Shows will be selected and notifications sent out by March 15th. Applicants will be contacted by mail or by email. Please do not call or write to find out the status of your application. Everyone will be contacted who submitted an application.

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