Overdue Party Re-Cap

So, this is a little bit after the fact but the opening night for Mike Albo’s My Price Point was a huge success!

The show was great, funny, and fun. Check out the great review on Theatermania, I’m sure there are more good reviews to come.

And the opening night party was crazy fun, as only P.S. 122 parties can be. Let’s just say that the show ended at 9:30 pm, and at 1:30 a.m. the party was still going, complete with anonymous makeout sessions and shirtless girls doing party tricks with lit matches and nipples. Now that’s a good time!

Party was sponsored by The Onion, Red Stripe and Harp Beer.

P.S. 122 has opening night parties for every artist and we have special, private parties for our members. I’m just saying is all. Anybody can give you wine and cheese. Only P.S. 122 can give you nudity and the completely unexpected.

Here’s Murray Hill with new P.S. 122 artistic director Vallejo Gantner:

Here’s the party from above:

Here’s the party from a slightly different angle:

Here is happy red stripe man:

And here are some happy partygoers:

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