apartment wanted

Um, okay, normally culturebot isn’t all about the real estate. But Performance Space 122’s recently-arrived new artistic director needs a place to live. As fun as it has been having him sleep in a sleeping bag in the dressing room and cooking food over sterno in the lighting booth, its starting to get a little unseemly. He really needs to find a place. Do you know of anything? Here’s what he has to say:

So: recently arrived upstanding citizen seeks a 2 BR apartment in Manhattan, mid 50’s and below, near but necessarily in the East Village. Preferably with a living room that can hold more than 3 people, don’t care about size of bedrooms or newness / fanciness of kitchen, nor granite benchtops.

Um… if you know of anything, I guess, um…. send an email to ps122@ps122.org and let us know.

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