Conversations with Anne

On Monday, March 28 at 7pm, Anne Bogart will conduct a dialogue with Elizabeth Streb as the next installment of the monthly guest lecture series, “Conversations with Anne”, sponsored by SITI Company and taking place in the SITI Company studio on 8th Avenue.

“Conversations with Anne” provides a forum for leading artists to discuss and exchange ideas about their creative process with Anne Bogart, acclaimed director and Artistic Director of SITI Company. Our guest on March 28 will be Elizabeth Streb, who has created an absolutely unique niche in the art world. She challenges the limits of physical experience; her performances become metaphorical and personal for any viewer. Among the many awards and accolades for her ongoing investigation of movement, Ms. Streb has been awarded the MacArthur “Genius” Award. Her work is theater – it is dance – it is sport – it is wild and defies our inclination to hide from impact.

WHAT: “Conversations with Anne”
WHEN: Monday, March 28 2005 at 7pm
WHERE: SITI Company Studio, 520 Eighth Ave., Floor 3, Ste. 310
WHO: Anne Bogart and Elizabeth Streb
TICKETS: Tickets are $10.

Please call the SITI Company offices at (212) 868-0860 to reserve tickets and visit for more information about SITI programming.

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