Avant Garde Comedy All Stars

The NY Times had an article called “The Avant Garde Goes To Clown School” which offers a good overview of some of the more prominent “avant-garde” theater troupes out there including Les Freres Corbusier who “have been fragmenting narratives and deconstructing historical characters in pursuit of a few laughs,” The Civilians “has imbued a form not known for its hilarity – the docudrama – with a strong sense of humor,” and “adventurous outfits” such as Radiohole and the National Theater of the United States who are “mounting deliriously oddball entertainments that mix brainy references and surreal slapstick. In these works and others, high and low culture merrily coexist, and the performers continually draw attention to theater as theater.”

You can see Radiohle, NTUSA, The Civilians and countless other downtown art stars perform ALL IN ONE NIGHT at LIVE ONSTAGE! The Performance Space 122 25th Anniversary Party and Benefit at Webster Hall, May 2nd.

Hosted by Lisa Kron and Marga Gomez, honoring David Binder and featuring performances from the aforementioned theater companies as well as Mike Albo, Julie Atlas Muz, Elevator Repair Service, Richard Maxwell and more!

There will be an art auction featuring work from Nan Goldin, Annie Sprinkle, Jo Andres, Amy Sillman, Patricia Field and many, many more folks. Plus DJs Johnny Dynell, John Roberts and Billy Beyond. Performance, drinks, dancing and mayhem. I’m telling you – you wanna be there.

Tickets are only $35 and can be purchased at ticketweb.com or by calling the P.S. 122 box office at 212.477.5288.

Its only two weeks away, basically. So plan ahead and buy your tickets now!

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