Sens Production Gala

In April 2004 we posted an interview with choreographer Noemie LaFrance. Over the past year she has been busy on many projects and is currently working a very exciting piece called Agora which will take place in September at the McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg. The project is described thus:

In celebration of the historic McCarren Park pool site, a 50,000 square foot pool in Williamsburg, abandoned for the last 20 years, Noémie Lafrance is creating a site-specific dance performance that invites the community to re-experience a moment in movement of this monumental public space. Agora is a site-specific dance performance inspired by the McCarren pool site and performed by 30 dancers to a multi-channel score with theatrical lighting transforming the 50, 000 square foot pool into a vast staging area. Performed inside the large pool, the overlapping narratives of Agora will produce the illusion of travel through the different layers of visceral urban experiences and explore the phenomenon of agoraphobia as a social and physical reaction to urban architecture.

Noemie’s company Sens Production will be having a gala benefit on june 16th to help raise money for this and other projects. Tickets start at $30 and can be purchased online.

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