Performance and Video

Charles Dennis writes:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Following the success of the “Shoot The Poem” festival at the Bowery Poetry Club last week I want you to know that I’ll be showing new works of performance and video at Dixon Place’s Marquee Theater Wednesday June 15 at 7:30 pm. A host of quest collaborators will be joining me onstage or onscreen including Amanda Loulaki, Bob Holman, Jim Neu, Black-Eyed Susan, Marion Stanton, Mona Banzer, George Box and others.

Included is the premier of “Spin Cycle” a new film I’ve directed written by Jim Neu which features Jim Neu and Black Eyed Susan, “Pasta Makin’ Mama” – a video by Marion Stanton which I co-designed and edited, the new video “We Are The Dinosaur” by myself and Bob Holman which premiered at Shoot The Poem and two performances – an excerpt from “Mr. Remote” and a video/performance collaboration with Amanda Loulaki.

Hope to see you there,


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