The HOT! Festival

HOT! Dixon Place’s 14th Annual NYC Celebration of Queer Culture Theatre, Dance, Music, Performance Art, Literature & Homoeroticism for the Whole Family runs form JUNE 29 – AUGUST 29, 2005(Eight Weeks, 48 Nights, 108 Artists & You!)

HOT! is the popular annual summer festival that is undeniably the most successful program in DP’s jam-packed year-round schedule. For the past 14 years, DP has produced GLBT artists for the entire month of July and past HOTfests have featured new work by David Cale, John Fleck, David Drake, Lois Weaver, Shelly Mars, Taylor Mac, Peggy Shaw & Marga Gomez.

This year there are two commissioned works:Susana Cook’s The Values Horror Show and Brandon Olson & Rami Ramirez’ Party and Prey as well as work from from Perry Ojeda, Holly Hughes, Greg Walloch, Robert Appleton, Lavinia Co-Op and the incomparable Desiree Burch.

Its a fun fest so get the brochure, check out the website and dive in.

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