Alien Comic Performance Art Workshop

For the talented, the twisted, the brave…

Learn everything you need to know to prepare and present a performance art extravaganza! This 15-hour, 2-week workshop is led by downtown performance art legend Alien Comic/Tom Murrin and will give you the tools you need to delight and amaze friends and strangers alike!

The Alien Comic’s Performance Art Workshop culminates in a performance at The Club at La Mama E.T.C. on Monday October 3 at 8 p.m.

The workshop begins on Sept. 19th and costs $200/person*, beginners and performance-curious welcome. Contact Alien Comic/Tom Murrin via email at to sign up or for more information.

Alien Comic/Tom Murrin has performed in all of the downtown alternative spaces for the past 25 years. He has led performance workshops in theaters and schools around the world.

*Some “scholarships” may be available.

This program has been made possible in part through the sponsorship of The Field.

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