Theatre for a New Audience�s Huge TAG Sale

Just in time for Halloween… it’s Theatre for a New Audience’s Huge TAG Sale. This Saturday, October 1st from 12:00PM-4:00PM.

Need stuff for your upcoming production? This might be your chance to get it cheap. They say they have one-of-a-kind costumes (period & novelty) as well as many, many Clothes, Props, Novelty Pieces, Instruments, Housewares, Furniture, and more…Bring a bag…Cash Only.

154 Christopher Street, Suite 3D
Ring the buzzer for 3D
For more information call 212 229-2819 x15

One thought on “Theatre for a New Audience�s Huge TAG Sale”

  1. Ken Nintzel says:

    I love culturebot!
    I found out about this HUGE TAG SALE at Theater for a New Audience like 15 minutes before and rushed over
    For me it was Alladin in the Genii’s cove.
    Especially since I’m doing ‘Twas the Night Before the Twelve Days of a Nutcracker Christmas Carol at ps122 Dec 15 – 23!
    Goblets and metal steins and mugs, fake fruit and sausage links, candleabras and silver tea services!
    well below cost.
    Thanks culturebot
    Ken Nintzel

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