Sarah Schulman

“I never thought that being out in my work would have the financial consequences that it has had,” she said. “I thought that the world would evolve in such a way that people would appreciate the boldness of my content, and be able to see clearly my scope of craft and palette. I really never thought that having integrity about the content and perspective of my work would keep people from being able to accept what a good writer I am. My deepest, most optimistic hope is that we are finally at a place where this recognition can happen.”

The quote above is from a really wonderful article/interview with Sarah Schulman by Jesse Green in the NY Times.

Culturebot hopes to see her new play Manic Flight Reaction at Playwrights Horizons, though we hear that it is sold out.

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  1. Jack Waters says:

    I saw the play in previews. It is fantastic and should have an extended run, not only because it needs to be seen but because it is important that it have a chance to develop to the fullest. The reviews by the NY Tmes, Newsday and the NY Post were typically narrow minded and personnally driven – all written by men who seemed threatend by Schulman’s lesbian centered narrative. It’s interesting because this play is the most sympathetic to straight white masculinity that I have seen by her, although it still does not put them in the center of the plot, which is maybe why she is still targeted as public enemy. I would be interested in hearing responses from a broader demographic. The packed house I sat with was in stitches all the way through. Even as it raised some very tough points about personal and political loyalty, greed and paranoia, the work is ultimately one of warmth and redemption. Brava!

  2. cf giordano says:

    well I went to see the play after reading both the nytimes profile and the review. as a former wow cafe-ista (1986-1991) I am continually disappointed in what now stands for “cutting edge” art – it’s sad but I think I am spoiled. I did enjoy the play – most of it- the sound production seemed the most creative aspect – the actors were talented people – but it sagged and lagged. she should have really gone for the jugular – not worry about being too “off-off” bway – hell what can you lose? I am aquainted with sarah from da hood – ditto 6th flr walkup etc – and I make a living as a teacher, too. its frustrating when you see people of lesser talent “making it” as an artist, who know how to play the game – which is why my art stays home. kudos to sarah for fighting the good fight, and best to her. she is a triple threat to the establishment- a talented and innovative artist, a real academic/intellect, and an activist! how many people can claim to be just one of these? but what is really ironic is that at the end of the profile in the times it states that she is both a tenured professor AND has 9 plays in production!! most people would give their eye teeth for just ONE of those accomplishments!! you dont get respect and acclamation by demanding it. and if the jerks out there dont get you do you really need them? art and commerce dont belong together – when they do it’s called “entertainment”. and it’s crap. decide what you want and then suck it up, either way.

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