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Was reading this week’s nonsensenyc (which, if you don’t know, is one of the best ways to find cool stuff to do in NYC) and saw this posting from Megan Metcalf:

* Your Moves Wanted: I ask you for a lot: Come to my show, design me a postcard, teach me computer programs — soon enough I’ll be asking you for money. But this time, I want something really special: your moves. Please come to 15 Nassau (downtown, at Pine street) at the end of next week to dance for my latest dance/video project, 29 Friends. I’m not looking for anything in particular, just how you like to boogie — and you definitely don’t have to be trained or experienced in dance. You can bring friends, come a couple at a time, etc. Contact to let me know when you can come by for 20 minutes: Thursday November 10 4-6p, 9-10p, Friday November 11, 11a-6p, 9-10p; Saturday November 12 12p-6p; Sunday November 13, 10a-2p. See:

It is called “a project celebrating the dances of everyday new yorkers” and is co-sponsored by the September 11th Fund and the LMCC.

Over the summer Culturebot participated in Erin McMonagle’s “Beat It” Project which was a lot of fun. So we will try and get downtown to bust some moves in public once again. If you’ve never gotten your high-concept dance on in front of strangers, you should try it.

footnote or sidenote or endnote: I love Nonsensenyc, but I don’t want anyone to feel left out. There are a bunch of good lists of cool mostly-free-or-cheap stuff to do in NYC. I’ve been on Tom Tenney’s Toxic Pop for a long time. Relative newcomers Gemini & Scorpio have been a welcome addition to the information superduperhighway. And for a more comprehensive list of things to do at all price ranges you should definitely be getting Flavorpill.

Also What’s Up NYC is a good one. You can check them out online or have them send you text messages of cool stuff.

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