great big satan

Deranged children, Tenessee Williams’ grandmas, hasidic landlords, ancient men of wisdom, possessed woodland creatures, pop stars, and yes, the one and only Liza Minnelli gather but once a year in the Dark Forest. There, they face an evil so deep, so dangerous, so disturbing, that to look directly in its face is to see the face of…. SATAN. And he’s wearing Bob Mackie. Songs, dances, exorcisms! See the New and improved Sequins for Satan at Galapagos by Culturebot’s own Rachel Shukert.

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“Sequins for Satan”
by Rachel Shukert
directed by Stephen Brackett
Fridays February 3, 10, 17, 24 @ 8pm
$10 in advance/ $12 at door
Produced by fettY productions
Featuring Reginald Veneziano, Paige Colette, Michael Cyril
Creighton, Jake Margolin, Rachel Shukert, Lacey Langston,
Justin Tranter and Ben Abramowitz
Music by Gerri Beckenhauer & Rachel Shukert
Costumes by This Old Thing?

at Galapagos
70 N.6th Street between Wythe and Kent
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, USA, Earth, the Universe

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