abacus black is back and more

This week (starting Wednesday) is the final week of ABSN:RJAB, the new show from NTUSA at P.S. 122. If you haven’t seen it, you should make plans now since it has been selling out. Also continuing this week is Elevator Repair Service’s No Great Society, which is a fascinating riff on beat icon Jack Kerouac.

And mark your calendars now! On Tuesday February 14th join us for the WYSIWYG Talent Show’s Third Anniversary Festacular : “Worst.Sex.Ever.III: When Bad Sex Happens to Good People”:


Todd Levin (tremble.com)
John “Jonno” D’Addario (jonno.com and fleshbot.com)
Hanne Blank (misia.livejournal.com and hanneblank.com)
Greg Walloch (gregwallochblog.blogspot.com)
Desiree Burch (mebigyoulittle.blogspot.com)
The Assimilated Negro (theassimilatednegro.blogspot.com)
Audacia Ray (wakingvixen.com)
Emily Deprang (pigeoninthesun.blogspot.com)

With music from dj:ayden (thebutchcaucus.blogspot.com)

For more info check out wysiwygtalentshow.org

Tuesday February 14
7:30 p.m.
click here to buy tickets

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